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Who is Phoebe Gander?

Phoebe is an artist based in Gisborne New Zealand. She is a still life and abstract landscape painter with many years experience. She has a following of over 90,000 on Instagram and is co-host to a successful podcast called “Fail Like An Artist”.

Phoebe is inspired by the mundane, ordinary moments that often get overlooked, and the beautiful ocean, light and landscape where she lives with her family in Wainui Beach on the east coast of New Zealand. She predominantly uses acrylic paint and oil paint and has a BA hons degree in printed surface design, which she gained studying at Falmouth College of Arts in the UK in 2003. She spent a few years working as a portrait and wedding photographer, then began creating art again regularly in 2018. Her artwork is created using many layers, using reference images that she has photographed. It is available in several galleries in NZ and has been sold to people all over the world.

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Artist, mother, painter of still life, one half of the podcast Fail Like An Artist. Paid subscribers get access to posts that fuel their creativity (and help support me as an artist).